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The ANT project is a non-profit organization inspired by the collective intelligence of ants, whose individuals, operating as a collective, achieve remarkable goals that would be impossible for a single member on their own.

The ANT project offers a horizontal structure of interaction where creators exchange with other creators with the goal of interconnecting the content of their projects.

The community emulates a self-organized complex system where no one member is monitoring the direction on the global level, but the responses of the individuals lead the collective to innovative forms throughout creation.

think community

build community


Members of the ANT project set up an online studio with up to 10 projects, and interact commenting on each other’s projects. The resulting conversations provide the material for curatorial topics, exhibitions and collaborations. Commenting is restricted to members.


The interaction with other creators brings to our consciousness the fact that we all are responding to common circumstances. The individual contributions add up to create a common space which, as an ant colony, nurtures the whole community with the diversity and specificity of its members.

who is this platform for?

Artists, curators, writers, performers, and all kind of creators who are in search of new forms to spark conversations and raise consciousness on the value of horizontal interactions. The ANT project will host workshops and projects with local communities to bring the conversations into action and live events.

the founder

Guadalupe Garcia is the founder of the ANT project. Her work has been shaped by the vision of creating a space where individual voices are listened as co-creators of reality. As an art historian, she held positions as curator and assistant director at the Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes, and exhibition director at the Museo Nacional de Arte, both in Mexico City. In Miami, where she currently resides, she served as consultant curator at the Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami.

As a practitioner in the spiritual tradition of Kashmir Shaivism, her practice has shaped the ground for a professional approach based on the awareness that everything we consider external to us, is contained within ourselves.

From the meeting of these fields, she founded the ANT project. A space for creators to connect and interact, generating a nurturing flow of creative content. 

does this make sense to you?