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Tandava: The Dance Within

by Alice Biolchini

Digital Collage by Alice Biolchini

In Tandava we dive within,
Slowly dancing on our movements.
The accumulation of emotions slowly fades,
It leaves our rational mind
And the skin begins to open and dissolve.
As if one with space,
It is continuous,
Active with breathing
Our body flows.
At the same time is stiff and flexible
Just like the roots and branches of a tree.
Intention is to move and dive deep.
Visualize with closed eyes.
Feel the jelly fish sliding from our fontanelle,
Massaging our head all the way down
The chakras,
Until all are together at our perineum and with us naked in the dark blue space,
They dissolve.
Sense. Concentrate. Dance. Be in the moment.
Each time is different.
And the raga amplifies it all.
A true and beautiful experience!

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