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Geometry. Typographic Language. Wine. I have always had a fascination for symbols and the way we communicate, especially fonts and geometry. The expression through strokes that transforms into meanings led me to create my own language, allowing me to reflect beyond the form and express it in a sculptural way. Sensory geometry, planes and figures of geometry that express beyond their shape, and that, in their transformation, create sensations that move us with simplicity and remind us of our origin. Typographic language, symbols and letters that have given our thoughts meaning for years and go beyond a trace to become emotion. The creation of my own language and typography through signs and doodles that give meaning to the story. Vinus, Art and creation must originate from the honesty of the individual and for me wine has always had that same quality. I like the poetic part of wine, the fact that it is something alive, that it changes and evolves. That if you open a bottle one day it will be completely different than years later, showing the whole story behind a process that took centuries to perfect, and that is exactly how I consider sculpture and painting. So it was a natural option for me to start making wine art as well. Wine is a spiritual drink and history gives soul to each of the drops, which makes my works express different meanings through painting, sculpture, video and photography. Different ways to create a new transformation of wine: in ART.