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Michael Flomen

Michael Flomen

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To make his cameraless photographs, Michael Flomen collaborates with natural elements outside under the cover of darkness. Flomen exposes photographic film and papers to the natural elements such as the bioluminescent light of fireflies, dirt, and water from natural sources. “I am interested in expanding our visual vocabulary. I make pictures of Nature, of humanity, and of the Earth because this is where I am.” Flomen combines meditation and ritual actions in order to court the energies of the landscape in which the photograms are made. He creates an invitation for the unseen to expose itself. His photograms are documents of these events in the landscape. Flomen makes photographs of things we do not see, but know are there. The images are born from memory, images that have been examined and melded with inner revelations. The photographs become a runway to the void, where infinite deepening to the openness might lead oneself into grace.