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Gustavo Villegas

Gustavo Villegas

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Destruction is perceived mainly by our sight and I have been fascinated by the way it appears in front of us as degradation, fragility and deterioration of the materials and objects that humans stubbornly use and create. The attractive aesthetics of destruction is always present in our urban societies in a physical as well as in a virtual way. Its visual complexity, strength and appearance have captivated me to the point of making it the center of my artwork. Having as guide the visual illusion, I have been focusing my work in the appropriation of the image of damaged human creations, taking them to the artistic context and making evident the astonishing beauty that is found in the aesthetics of destruction. I think that these altered forms are also a clear metaphor of the contemporary human being that destroys itself, without even realizing it, menwhile is immersed in the maelstrom of the everyday urban life. However, the destruction is inherent to creation, to existence itself, everything is being constantly destroyed. There is no movement without damage nor life without movement. My work is thus a creation that comes from destruction.