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Virtual Workshop August 21, 2pm ET

August 21, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

The ANT Project, in collaboration with Dot Fiftyone Gallery, is delighted to invite you to its first Workshop via Zoom where five artists/curators and members of the platform will interact with the audience in conversation around their creative projects.

Kara Rooney
Trabajo de Sombra
Trabajo de Sombra_screenshot.png
Kara Rooney and Nestor Quiñones, Trabajo de Sombra (2019)
Utilizing sculpture, photographic collage, video, sound and live performance, “Trabajo de Sombra” examines the gaps between ancient and contemporary forms of knowledge, cultural understanding, connection and difference. Made in collaboration between Kara Rooney and Mexico City-based artist Nestor Quinones, this multidisciplinary, ongoing work positions itself at the meeting point(s) between Mexican / American culture aswitnessed through the lens of physical and linguistic embodiment.
Anastasia Samoylova
The Tea Room Vizcaya Gardens 2017.jpg
Anastasia Samoylova, The Tea Room, Vizcaya, 2017
“FloodZone” is an ongoing photographic project reflecting and responding to the problem of rising sea levels in the Southern United States.
Gustavo Villegas
Impermanence 21 MR.jpg
Gustavo Villegas, Impermanencia 21, DA, Rue du Grand Chêne 7, 2018
“Impermanence” is a pictorial project reflecting on daily life impermanence through confronting the viewer with the representation of deterioration and destruction in architectural spaces around us.
Alberto Castro Leñero
Alberto Castro Leñero, Circo, 2018
I need to show different interconnected works forming a system.  Currently I am interested in the pavilion element with the possibilities of spatial interaction with the public.
Luciana Solano
Presenting Reminiscent Urban Archeology by Sergio Marimba
Materiality and substance in “Reminiscent Urban Archeology”, Sergio Marimba addresses time and affection. Marimba has been collecting worn, oxidized, rusted and obsolete objects, some of them dated to specific periods and locations for over 35 years. The artist is interested in displaying these artifacts based on remnant feelings they might carry.
The ANT Project was born from the need to create a horizontal structure of interaction among artists, curators, writers, and performers. Its aim is to facilitate interconnection between seemingly disparate individual practices, nurturing the creative process of the community as a whole.

Its mission is inspired by the interaction of ants in an ant colony where individuals, performing their own role, connect with the larger whole in order to feed the colony. The achievements of ants interacting in a colony would be impossible for a single member on their own.

The ANT Project Workshops are interactive conversations where members of the platform present a brief overview of one of their projects to a live audience. The audience has the opportunity to respond following each presentation, bringing their own source material to the discussion as a means of enriching the reception of all projects.

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August 21, 2020
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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