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Re-Generation. The Youngest Generation of Artists in The Ant Project Speaks Out. 

April 19, 2021 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Are we shedding our habitual patterns and shifting to a less egocentric way of relating to reality?

The youngest generation of artists in The Ant Project speaks out.

Their conceptual foundations address a cultural shedding, a war that’s just begun, and showing who you are. Alice Biolchini, Paulina Reynaldo and Michael Eure expand on these ideas in their projects, which become an urgent call for change.

Birth and rebirth from one era to another transpire in the works of these young artists whose shift is not talking about change, but being the change themselves. Building memento mori of this time to find their real home, one that is not supported in the self but instead interconnected with others.


Alice Biolchini

Miles of Seas Within Me is a photo performance that comes alive in the presence of the artist’s voice. Through her spoken word poetry, she connects feelings, emotions, actions and perspectives of past, present and future. The photographs intertwined with the artist’s poetry, call us to pay attention to ourselves and to the world surrounding us. “The time has come to unite and work together, in vision of creating a better sense of the world, by which we call Earth.”



Paulina Reynaldo

There is something very human about collecting organic keepsakes from a loved one, such as baby teeth and locks of hair. They are irreplaceable and often represent both a fear of loss and a celebration of growth. The same is true of the snake skins I have carefully preserved since I first started keeping snakes at age 14. This highly delicate material embodies the relationship between growth and loss, both having a quality of inevitability and irreversibility. The transformative process of turning the sheds into “papel picado”, or carved paper, is materially and emotionally challenging. the resulting images draw from the symmetrical decorative motifs frequently used in traditional Mexican papel picado, visually organic and flowing from one to the next, cyclically advancing and receding. In this, my Piel Picada depicts my self-contained, highly ambivalent experience of growth and loss.



Michael Eure

Show Me Who You Are is meant to help others express themselves and feel comfortable with who they are in front of a camera. There is no necessary exchange, no expected outcome, but only a reciprocal relationship in which both I and the person being photographed benefit from each other’s company. I want to document people as people, not subjects or poses or brands, stripping away the typical photoshoot environment that can at times be toxic. For so long I have seen the types of photographs that become popular, led by white-male photographers like myself who simply take a photograph and forget about what was really in it. I want to learn how to change this relationship by connecting deeply with those I photograph whether it is just for that moment or for a lifetime after. I hope the project will help others be comfortable with who they are as I also learn to be comfortable with who I am.


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April 19, 2021
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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