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Preserve – Repair – Rebuild – Interactive Conversation Oct 26 2 pm ET

October 26, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Preserve – Repair – Rebuild

In a world where each day the stakes are higher, the individual and collective action are of utmost importance. To change the patterns that have brought the world to this point, we need to change the way we relate to reality by undoing whatever we have taken for granted.

Join the interactive conversation with Andrés Adasme, Alexandra Hammond, and Jeanne Jaffe about their projects on Preserving, Repairing and Rebuilding. In a moment when we need to heal ourselves and the planet, what is your stance on these topics?


Andrés Adasme, Tapestries that Preserve

A multilayered project to protect and reassess ancient traditions utilizing antique weaving techniques combined with surreal imaginary inspired by the Andean world, with a strong influence of the ceremonies of sacred plants like Ayahuasca.



Alexandra Hammond, Boa’s Repair Shop

Boa’s Repair Shop facilitates repairing as an act of love and connection. We offer workshops for the repair of physical objects and metaphysical states of being. At Boa’s Repair Shop, we are liberated by the realization that there is no escape. We facilitate repair, digestion, and reinvention. Our universe is governed by the conservation of matter. Our varied existences are all the play of consciousness experiencing its own being. We experience objects and environments as separate from ourselves, and yet we are unfathomably connected: we inter-are and inter-be. Every object, product and relationship is a manifestation of this interconnection. Caring for objects (which are imbued with human labor, networks of supply chains and raw materials) means caring for each other, Earth and ourselves. Boa’s Repair Shop is envisioned as a freestanding kiosk in the outdoor plaza. We invite practitioners of all kinds to help with repairs.



Jeanne Jaffe, Alice in Dystopia 

Inspired by an interest in anthropology, mythology, and psychology my work reexamines the stories we are told and the assumptions we have internalized.

Alice in Dystopia is a retelling of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.  In this version, Alice and the Rabbit fall down the wrong rabbit hole into the contemporary world of 2020 with all of its environmental and societal ills.  The characters must find a way to confront the current crises and offer hope for renewal and change.

How we create meaning and self-determination from the cacophony of sensation, memory, myth, and cultural history is the subject of all my work.

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October 26, 2 pm ET



October 26, 2020
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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